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Raw Pet Feeds


A new (old) way to eat…

Recently a lot of people have been deciding to make the return to more natural diets in their own lives and have been reaping the benefits of doing so and making their health and lives just that little bit better, and we think it’s only fair that our four legged friends aren’t left behind!

Which is why we at Easter Compton have made it part of our mission to now supply not only people, but also their lucky pets with some of the finest fresh food in Bristol and it’s surrounding areas, and don’t let that hold you back if you’re from further afield! Because we can and will ship it to anywhere in the UK.

So if you’d like your furry companion to have a shinier coat, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels (and to make a bit less mess in the garden) then consider making the switch to a BARF [Biologically Appropriate Raw Food] diet and start feeding it some of our selection of butcher prepared Raw Pet Feeds.

We must remind you to please talk to your vet before making any substantial changes to your pet’s diet especially for very young or elderly animals, and we recommend that you also research any additional dietary supplements that your particular animal may require to make up a balanced diet if you make the switch to Raw food.